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Corey Butts
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Trainer Corey ButtsAs a personal trainer/manager in several successful health clubs in the DC Metro area and as a former athlete and competitor I have the discipline and mental strength needed to thrive in competition. I use this as a basis for a highly effective method with a unique blend of plyometrics, aerobics, and low-weight/ high-rep workouts designed to bring out the inner athlete in you. I am very passionate with an energy level that will get you excited about working out. I emphasize proper technique and will teach you how to make your body work for you!! I will challenge you to improve both mentally and physically each and every session. I have perfected the art of learning what an individual needs to reach beyond his or her potential. My workouts are tailored for all fitness levels and designed to evolve as you grow. Any trainer can give you a good workout, but I will help change your life!!

Corey is a Certified Personal Trainer and Sports Nutrition Specialist with Group X Instructor experience ranging from Boot Camps to Gravity. Whether it’s your goal to lose inches, build muscle, build endurance, or train for sports and competitive events I can make it happen!!! In San Diego I have worked at Lava Sport and Fitness, Gold’s gym, and The Boxing Club.

Corey graduated from Bridgewater College, Bridgewater Va in 1999 where he received his Bachelors Degree in Health and Education.